How Far Do You Travel?

We will travel up to 30 miles for events with no travel charge to you. Any parties located between 26-40 miles one way have a $25.00 travel fee.  Any parties located between 41 - 50 miles one way have a $35.00 travel fee. Any parties 51-65 miles one way have a $45.00 travel fee. 

Anything over 65 miles one way will need to be approved in advance. Travel fee will be quoted at the time of approval. 

*We determine mileage via Yahoo Maps. We are located in Riverside, servicing the counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego. You can check your distance before you call if you'd like, or we can check for you when you book with us.

Where Can I Have My Party?

We can travel to any type of venue your party is located. Please be aware, however, that some venues have their own restrictions and guidelines. Please check if your venue allows outside entertainment before booking with us. Cancellation fees will apply should you book with us and later discover your venue will not allow us to perform. Please also note our policy below regarding exclusively outdoor events

All events are “rain or shine” unless otherwise stipulated. The CLIENT is responsible to provide an alternate indoor location in the event of inclement weather. The client agrees to pay the full amount contracted even if PROVIDER (Pixie Dust Entertainment) cannot perform due to inclement weather. We highly recommend having the performer conduct activities inside. If you choose to have an outside party, you will need to make sure the outdoor area is clean, void of dirt and shaded. The location must be free of dirt, mud, rain and extreme wind. Our Performers are wearing high-end costumes and wigs that cannot risk being stained, or wind-blown. The performer reserves the right to leave the location if she is being subjected to rain or wind that is damaging to her costume or wig. On sunny days, please provide a completely shaded/covered area for the performer and all activity she conducts.

*We do not perform outside if the temperate exceeds 89 degrees or falls below 65 degrees. With our performers wearing heavy costumes and wigs, the hot weather is too dangerous.

We must insist that the characters be indoors during your event. Characters will also need water breaks.

How Can We Help Make the Day Go Smoothly?

There are a few things that always helps the day out. 

1. We request that you please save a spot for your performer(s) to park in the driveway or in front of the event location, so they will not have to fight to find parking or walk far. It also helps the party start on time as planned. 

2. Please have water available for the character to drink throughout your party. 

Have the children ready for the character's arrival and so they don't miss the Grand Entrance & also so she/he can start activities on time. 

3. Please arrange for the eating time to be either before or after the character visit.  For instance, if pizza arrives at the same time the character arrives, the two conflict with each other. (Please keep in mind that your performer will not be able to stay passed the agreed up time due to other activities interfering.)

4.  Have an outlet available for us to use for music. If there is not one available, please supply an extension cord. That way we can have the music while we are doing games, dancing, etc. 

5.  Please supply a table for the performer to place their items, a table for any make-up activities if needed, a chair for Story Telling, and an area for the kids to sit for story telling.

If the party is outside, please provide a blanket or tarp to sit on. 

6.  If your planning an outside party, please make sure the area is shaded from heat/sun, or from any wet weather. Have a clean, dry, shaded area for activities, free of dirt, mud, water and any other bad weather conditions that may cause an ill effect to the party activities, the performers and the guests.

7. Our performers also greatly appreciate having party hosts help carry supplies into and out of parties, as some of our gowns/costumes are hard to maneuver in.

8.  And last but not least have your cameras ready throughout the party, you don't want to miss any special moments! 

Does it Matter How Many Guests are in Attendance?

Yes! For all packages, with the exception of the Princess/Character Visit, 

we welcome up to 15 children, including the birthday girl, per performer. Any additional guests require a “Royal Helper” or second party performer to accommodate all of the guests.

“Royal Helpers” are available at a rate of $30 per hour. 

Or for a more memorable event, consider upgrading to a second character!

**All children who participate in any of the activities ages 2-12 years, and are considered "guests" and ARE included in the party guest count. In order to ensure that enough supplies are available, please supply us with an accurate guest count. We cannot guarantee that all party activities will be performed if you have over this number of guests and do not have a helper! Thank you.

**Note: A fee of $50 per hour will be assessed for any parties that do not schedule a “Royal Helper” or additional character, but do have over 15 children guests participating in activities.


The Visit package is not a fully-hosted package and thus can accommodate any number of children per performer.

What if a guest arrives late? Can they still participate?

All parties must begin at the time scheduled and will end at the end of the party duration time agreed to at the time of booking. All events are based on a schedule and work best when all guests arrive on time, however, that is not always possible. Late guests are welcome to join in the party upon arrival, but please understand that the performer will not be able to "catch up".

What Items Does the Princess/Character Bring to the Party?

Our performers bring everything needed to conduct the activities included in your ordered package. Each package is different, so we bring different things to every party. If you ordered a package with games, we will bring everything needed for all the games we play. We supply our own storybook for the storytelling session, as well as the makeup, glitter hair spray, music, etc.

 Face Painters may need to request a table and 2 chairs.

Dress Up Party Rules

Children are invited to wear the Dress-up dresses while your Princess is in attendance (if included in the package chosen or if added on to your package). However, they will not be allowed to wear dress-up costumes into bounce houses or on wet grass. All costumes and accessories must also be removed before consuming food or beverages to avoid stains. Children must stay in the performer’s presence while wearing all dress up supplies. Should a child choose to leave the performance area, the child must return dress-up supplies before doing so. Parents are responsible for supervising their children and keeping track of all the dress-up supplies during the party. That way your Princess can give her full attention to the guests.

What Happens if There are Behavior Issues 

or an Ill Child?

A parent or adult MUST be present for the duration of the visit. Your party performer is only responsible to engage the children in party activities. Any behavior or health issues with children must be taken care of by a parent or other adult. Good behavior is always promoted, but it is the responsibility of the hostess to monitor and take charge of any children who are not behaving or who do not want to participate in the party activities. If an parent is not present, your performer will stop activities until an adult is present. 

Do Your Performers Accept Tips?

Absolutely! The entertainers that serve you are all extremely well trained and make it their number one priority to ensure your party is a success. Gratuity is not included in the total of your package price, so if you want to show your entertainer that you loved their services, gratuity is a great way of doing so.

 Though it is not expected, it is always appreciated!

Tipping an entertainer is just like tipping a waiter; anywhere between 15%-20% of your package total is a typical tip amount and is much appreciated.

We are fully insured and all performers must pass a background check.