Mascot Packages

*Mascot characters are unique, as they DO NOT SPEAK. Visibility is very limited.

If an activity package is chosen, all activities are lead by the party assistant

with the Mascot or Mascots integrated into the activity.

** If temperatures reach 85 degrees, characters must be in a completely shaded area.  If temperatures reach 90 degrees,  mascots may need to conduct activities in an air conditioned environment. This allows for them to perform their activities to the best of their ability as well as avoid heat stroke & other health risk due to over heating...

Mascot Visits

(Mascot Visits do not include games or party activities. Mascots are not accompanied by a party assistant.)

*Grand Entrance *Music & Dancing

*Photo Time *Mingling with Guests

*Cake Cutting & Birthday Song

1 Mascot/Character: 

30 min: $115 

(local parties only within 15 miles)

1 hr: $145

90 mins: $195

2 hrs: $245

2 Mascots/Characters:

30 min: $175

(local parties only within 15 miles)

1 hr: $235

90 min: $285

2 hrs: $340

3 Mascots/Characters:

(ex: Skye, Chase & Marshall)

30 mins: $240

(local parties only within 15 miles)

1 hr: $295

90 mins: $370

2 hrs: $440

Want more than 3 characters? Please contact us for a quote.  (949) 637-4772  or [email protected]

Mascot Visit + Assistant & Activities

(Includes an Assistant to conduct party activities.)


*Grand Entrance

*Music & Dancing

*Photo Time *Mingling with Guests

**2-4 Age appropriate games (varies by party)

*Cake Cutting & Birthday Song

*Temporary Tattoos (for 45 min/1 hr. parties) OR Basic Face Painting OR *Balloons (for 90 min/2 hr. parties)

*(Balloon twisting for 90 min & 2 hr. parties Based On Availability!)

1 Mascot/Character w/ Assistant

1 hr: $195

90 min: $260

2 hr: $310

2 Mascots/Characters w/ Assistant

1 hr: $255

90 mins: $350

2 hrs: $425

3 Mascots/Characters w/ Assistant

1 hr: $330

90 mins: $430

2 hrs: $530

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1/2 & 1/2 Mascot THEN Activities 

Save some money by having ONE performer do both! 

Performer spends 30 min out of costume to run party activities 

THEN returns to do 30 min. in a Mascot costume!

We suggest starting with the activities & surprising your guests with the mascot & dancing at the end!

Activities out of Costume:

Choose 2 of the following activites:

*Themed or Glitter Tattoos  *2 Party Games  *Parachute Play  

*Relay Races  *Story Time  *Bubble Play 

**90 min & 2 hr. parties may choose Face Painting. Keep in mind that it takes approx. 3-4 mins. per face. 

(90 min parties can accommodate 10-12 faces. 2 hr. parties can accommodate up to 18 faces.)

(**Some examples of Games that may be played: "Duck, Duck, Goose", Simon Says, Hot Potato, Musical Mats)

Activities as Mascot:

*Music *Dancing *Photos *Mingling *Birthday Song & Cake time

1 hour: $165

90 mins: $195

2 hrs: $250