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Face Painters, Balloon Artists & Stilt Walkers

Face Painters for Hire

(does not include Holidays)

1 hr: $75-$85 (for up to 15 faces.)

(add Glitter Tattoos for $10)

90 min: $110-$130 (for up to 22 faces)

(add Glitter Tattoos for $20)

2 hrs: $150-$170 (for up to 30 faces)

(add Glitter Tattoos for $25)

2.5 hrs:  $185-$215 (for up to 30-35 faces)

(add Glitter Tattoos for $30)

3 hrs: $225-$255 (for up to 40-45 faces)

(add Glitter Tattoos for $40)

(Large Festivals or Events will be quoted separately.)

Many factors can effect the actual number of 

faces that can feasibly be painted, including

but not limited to:

Design complexity & skill level of the painter, age of children, actual number of children in attendance & the desired menu (full face/partial/simple cheek art).

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please inquire within.

Balloon Twisters for Hire

(does not include Holidays)

1 hr: $75-$90 (for up to 20 guests)

90 min: $110-$140 (for up to 30 guests)

2 hrs: $140-$190 (for up to 40 guests)

(Large Festivals or Events can be negotiated.)

Stilt Walkers

(*does not include Holidays)

1 hour:   $200

90 min:  $300

2 hours:  $400