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All of our Visit packages come with an assistant to assist the Mascots!  

This frees YOU up to enjoy your party & not have to worry about tending to the mascot.

See our Mascot Characters in our Gallery

*Inquire within for complete list of unique & original Mascot Characters. 

We are constantly adding new interesting characters! 

They are sure to make you laugh & be a great, fun time!

Mascot Parody Packages

*Please note that Mascot characters are different, as they do not speak. 

If party games are desired, choose a package a Deluxe Package.

We offer 3 Party Package Options: 

Option #1: Basic Packages


ALL  Basic Packages Include: 

*Grand Entrance 

 *Music  *Dance Party

*Photo Opportunities 

*Mingling with Guests 

*Cake Time & Birthday Song


45 min parties:  add *Bubble Play 

1 hr & 90 min: add *Bubble Play & Limbo

1 Mascot Character: 

30 min: $120

(local parties only within 15 miles)

45 min: $135

(local parties only within 20 miles)

1 hour:  $150

90 mins: $190

2 Mascot Characters:

30 min: $170

(local parties only within 15 miles)

1 hour:   $250

90 min:   $320

3 Mascot Characters:

30 mins: $220

(local parties only within 15 miles)

1 hour:    $350

90 mins:  $440

Option #2: Deluxe Packages

All activities & games are lead by a Party Host.

ALL Deluxe Packges Include:

*Grand Entrance

*Music  *Dance Party

*Photo Time  

*Mingling w/ Guests

*Cake Cutting & Birthday Song

*Party Games w/ PRIZES 

*Bubble Play  

*Limbo (90 min & 2 hr. parties)

1 Mascot Character

(Designed for parties with up to 15 children. 

More children? Add an extra Host.)

1 hour:  $200

90 min: $265

2 hours: $330

2 Mascots Characters

(Designed for parties with up to 15 children.

More Children? Add an extra Host.)

                 1 hour:  $265 (Special)

90 mins: $375

2 hours: $450

3 Mascots Characters

(Designed for parties with up to 15 children.

More Children? Add an extra Host.)

1 hour: $350

90 mins: $460

2 hours: $550

(Goal is to complete all activities. Actual number of games played is based on the age & number of children & time package purchased.) 

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Want to EXTEND your time & add Simple Face Painting or Balloon Twisting 

to your Package?

After the Mascot character(s) says goodbye, Party Host stays for to do some 

simple face painting or simple balloon twisting with the children.

(Based on availability)

30 min: $50 up to 8 children

 45 min: $65 up to 10 children

  1 hour: $85 up to 15 children

    90 min: $120 up to 20 children

 Examples of simple face painting may include:  flowers, animals, snowflakes, hearts, rainbows, etc.

​Want more complex designs? Hire a separate Face Painter!

Examples of our simple balloon twisting may include: dogs, flowers, swords, and butterflies.

​Want more complex designs? Hire a separate Balloon Twister! 

Option #3: Mascot AND Activities 

On a budget? This package is for you! 

(Designed for parties with a max. of 10 children, only!)

Your performer arrives to first do party activities in plain uniform

THEN returns to do 30 minutes in the Mascot costume for dancing, photos & cake time.

A party assistant is present to assist with activities & to assist the mascot & ensure their safety.

1 hr: $175

90 min: $235

2 hrs: $285

Activities OUT of Costume:

*Temporary Tattoos or Glitter Tattoos (add $10 for Glitter)  

*Party Games w/ PRIZES (for all participating children)

 *Limbo Game (as time allows)

(The amount of games played depends on the length of time booked & number of children.)

Activities IN Mascot Costume:

*Music * Dancing  *Photos  *Mingling w/ guests 

*Birthday Song & Cake time

(Performer must be supervised by client or a responsible adult at all times when in costume

for the safety of the performer and party guests. Mascot will perform for a max of 30 mins. )