Georgia is a seasoned actress & singer. She has won 3 National Youth Awards for Best Actress and most recently starred 
 in Bring it On. She has performed in over 15 productions  & is currently pursuing a film & t.v. career. She enjoys When not auditioning or performing, she is a student and of course enjoys being a Princess! Georgia loves children and has a natural ability to engage them & make them feel special. 


Senior Architect

Katelyn is an actress, singer, & dancer. She has been performing as a Princess and other characters for the past three years. Her favorite characters to play are the ones that have the most energy, such as "The Ice Princess" & "The Tower Princess". She is quick witted and loves to make everyone smile. Katelyn loves children just as much as they love her. She truly loves her job and being a part of such an amazing team!

Jackie P.


Jackie has been singing and dancing since she was 2 years old. She has performed in over a dozen musical productions in the Inland Empire. She is currently a college student & is majoring in Forensics. Jackie loves interacting with children & is committed to anything & everything she does. She loves balloon twisting and doing parody characters.She is a company favorite, & is a joy to work with!

Sarah C.


Sarah has been doing performing arts & theater for many years & has performed in over a dozen musicals & plays. Some of her favorite roles include Florinda (Into the Woods), Cherub, Tart and Maid (Scarlet Pimpernel) Mary & (Secret Garden). She has expierience in cirque du soliel & dance. She loves kids & is a youth leader at her church. Sarah loves connecting with children & is extremely thrilled & delighted to work with such an amazing team! 



J.T. is an extremely talented young man. He is an accomplished actor and an award winning musical theater performer, & just finished starring as "Albert" in Bye, Bye, Birdie. He is a fantastic Hero and performs many of our Hero Parodies  He will make you laugh & the kids just love him! He is an amazing asset to our group of performers. 


Courtney is a very talented young woman. She is an accomplished musical theater actress performing in productions of The Sound of Music, Seussical the Musical & many more.  She is currently a college student & enjoys working with Pixie Dust Entertainment in her spare time. Courtney is great with children and enjoys being a princess! She is an amazing singer & will wow the crowd at your next event!


It is a joy to have this young lady with our company. She most recently starred as "Elle Woods" in Legally Blonde & is an accomplished musical theater actress. She is a full time student and in her spare time does as many productions as she can fit into her busy schedule. Her favorite parody to do is "Princess Beauty". She has the voice of an angel & an infectious personality. We just love Faith! 

Senior Architect


Senior Architect

Standing 6'2" Cameron is the perfect hero and mascot character! When he isn't studying, he is performing in local musicals and plays. He is a very talented young actor and singer and has starred in productions of "Rock of Ages" & "Heathers", just to name a few.  He is an outstanding leading man. Cameron works with children and enjoys making kids smile when working events & parties. He is an asset to the team!


Sabina is currently a full time student. When she's not in class or studying, she enjoys hiking, camping and anything adventurous. She is also an actress and starred most recently as Sleeping Beauty, and Veruca Salt. She speaks fluent Romanian and is also fluent in ASL. She taught for the Children's Theater Festival & even wrote and directed her own show. She's an asset to the team!


Megan is an accomplished musical theater actress and has most recently performed in an IE production of The Wizard of Oz. She is a student attending a local college and enjoys doing Princess parties during her spare time. She enjoys playing different characters and is a great mascot performer!  Welcome to the team!


Brooke is a fun, kind & outgoing girl. She is an actress & singer who loves performing! She is a full time student who plans to one day become a therapist. Brooke has always had a love for princesses & super heroes & lives for fun adventures! She is super excited and grateful for this opportunity to make herself and kids happy!


Kaitlyn has been singing and dancing before she could walk and talk. She has been working professionally with theater companies throughout the Inland Empire, for 7 years. Kaitlyn has always had a passion for interacting with children. She loves bringing smile to the little ones faces. All little girls dream of growing up to be a princess and now she is living the dream and  enjoys making that dream a reality for other little girls. Kaitlyn loves being a part of our  team!


Melissa is currently teaching dance and gymnastics to children​ of all ages, ranging ages 3-18. She is a newlywed and is enjoying married life. Melissa is an avid cosplayer and loves dressing up and portraying amine, princesses, superheroes and anything fun! She loves working with children and making their special day memorable. We are thrilled to have her as part of our Pixie Dust family! 



Ethan is a college student and talented actor & singer. He had a way with children and always keeps the kids engaged in fun activities. Some of his favorite characters to portray are mascot characters. His positive attitude is infectious! He is a valuable asset to the team! Welcome Ethan! 

Senior Strategist


Jillian is a full time student and is new to the Pixie Dust family. She is an actress and singer and performs in many local

productions. She is kind, gentle and loves children.   She loves acting and singing and is a gifted painter. Jillian truly is a joy and a special young lady who brings so much to our team! We are so happy to have her join us!

Senior Strategist


Robbie, a native of Australia, is an invaluable asset to our team! Not only is he a great Superhero, but he is also a skilled balloon artist, entertainer & face painter. He even walks on stilts! He enjoys entertaining children & is happy to be part of the team!  Some of his favorite character to play "The Man on Stilts" & funny clowns. 


Kelsey is an award wining actress and singer. She has most recently starred in Shrek, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty, for which she won an ITL award for Best Actress. When not performing, she is a student and loves being a Parody Princess. Coming from a family of teachers, she is a natural with children. She is an invaluable addition to the Pixie Dust Family!


Tiffany enjoys bring a princess & bringing joy to children. She is currently working on her nursing degree at CBU. She volunteered for  6 years for the Jurupa Valley Firefighters Adopt a Family. She is excellent with children of all ages & likes to add a little bit of magic to the lives of everyone she meets. She is very bubbly & lights up when she sees smiles on children’s faces. 


Parker studies biology & Spanish at California Baptist University. He aspires to someday be a pediatrician. He volunteers with the youth & children’s ministry at his church. Patker also takes part in student leadership on his college campus. When not at school or church, he enjoys hiking & going to the beach with friends & family.  Here at Pixie Dust, we  are so happy to have him on the team! 


Senior Architect

Sanlyn has been singing, dancing, & acting most of her life. She is happy to be a member of the our team. She has studied dance at VCC, & is currently attending RCC. When she's not doing theater or teaching dance, she loves worshiping Jesus on her church's worship team.  With the personality of an angel, Sanlyn will surely impress at you next your party!



Megan is an experienced performer, having performed in several musicals in the local area. She has a kind way with children and is a talented face painter. When she isn't performing in local shows, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Megan is a huge asset to our team.  


Morgan is an accomplished actor and performer. He has been with Pixie Dust for a year. He is an award winning musical theater actor. Morgan enjoys doing local regional theater in Riverside and spending time with his friends and family. He loves kids and helping to make special memories   for clients. He is a great superhero, mascot performer

and party host.  


Alysse is a full time student with a passion for theater. She has aspirations of becoming a professional makeup artist. She enjoys studying the fine arts including drawing, singing & piano. Over the past several years she has performed in productions of Aladdin, High School Musical, Beauty & the Beast, just to name a few. She has regularly volunteered with the children's ministry at her church & love to bring joy to children!

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Audrey has been performing since she was 8 years old. She has a passion for musical theatre & has performed at many theatre companies throughout the Inland Empire. Some of her stage credits include Peter Pan, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and The Little Mermaid. In her spare time, she likes to draw & play the piano. It brings her joy to see the kids' faces when they see their favorite character in person. She is thankful for God's gifts and her family's support.


James is a recent graduate & will be attending college in Washington State in the fall. His whole life, he has loved super heroes and comic books. Being able to share that passion with starry eyed children is a dream come true. He portrays a large array of characters for birthday parties & personal appearances. He thoroughly enjoys working with children, & hopes to leave a positive impact on their lives for many years to come!